Theinteriordesign.it comes from the idea of a group of passionate young people and designers, whose aim is to individuate and show the huge value of this work, sometimes underestimated. Our objective is the realization of a network where ideas can freely flow into design.

Thanks to TID you will discover that Italy is full of talented people not known among the public, yet. We believe that all of you can easily find her/his designer, able to understand and satisfy your needs also providing innovative ideas to give new life to your home.

Finally, don’t you think would be satisfying to choose for a tailor-made product?

If you think so, we wish you a lovely “trip” within the website to discover all possible interior design solutions and new products!


Transparency: one of our primary objective is the clarity inborn in the relationship between the client and the designer. Compare your experience with one of our designers! Your feed-back will be published on our website.

Innovation: the world of design is continuously changing thanks to new materials, creative solutions and re-interpretation of some

Democracy: who told that only a millionaire could have a design piece? Try to discover how to rearrange a room or a whole apartment thanks in a simple and cheaper way. Many architects and designers of our Community are professionals in this field!

Personality: we believe in authentic and tailor-made solutions linked to new reinterpretation of the objects. Not to repeat it: no longer gives satisfaction to choose a unique product designed and custom-designed for you?