What's the shipping cost for online orders?
Shipping costs depend on the weight and volume of the purchased product, as well as the destination country. The shop automatic system identifies the weight or volumetric weight of the package to calculate the cost of the shipments – that are also based on the destination country - by looking through the rates of the most important national and international couriers.
Which payment methods are accepted on the online shop?
Payments can be made via:
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Carta Aura),
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer.
How long does the delivery take?
It depends on many factors: how far the destination country is, if customs controls are in place, if the product is kept in stock or has to be produced. Most of the items are kept in our stock. If a product needs to be ordered from the designer or the producer, the delivery time will be clearly specified on the product description page.
Is it secure to purchase on your online shop? Will my data be protected?
Absolutely. Payments can be made via wire transfer to our bank account (Banco di Brescia, IBAN: IT36O0350001619000000031665 - BIC/SWIFT CODE: BCABIT21 or via credit card and Paypal. In these two cases, payments are processed through Paypal to guarantee the best security. Your personal data, excluding those related to the payment, will be stored in our servers and will be accessible to our authorized personnel only, to allow us to process your order in the most efficient and quickest way.
What happens when you receive my order?
After you complete your order, our system verifies the payment (wire transfer payment verification takes 2 working days). Once the payment is verified, the product will be produced (if applicable), packed and dispatched based on the delivery time specified on the product page on our website. Once you receive the product, you will have 14 days to return it, intact and unused, inside its original packaging.
Will I get an invoice for my order?
Invoices are always available, both for companies and individual buyers. In this case you will need to fill the form with your fiscal code when ordering the product.
Are customs fees included in the price of the product?
No, customs fees are at the expense of the buyer, therefore are not included in the product price. They will have to be paid on delivery, if applicable.
Where can I see the products in person?
All products sold in the online shop are available at our showroom located at via Pordoi, 8 20021 Baranzate (MI), just outside Milan.
Can I add other products to my order in a second moment?
Unfortunately for technical reasons is not possible to add other products to your already confirmed order. If the products desired are still available you should make another order, a new one.
Can I cancel my order?
In order to change or to cancel any part of your order, you can send a request to the client assistance by e-mail or by phone, either way you find our contacts in the website page ‘contacts’. We will answer as soon as possible in order to give you the best solution. Be careful! We cannot cancel the order once it has already been sent. In that case you can always use the return policy to send us back the undesired products. For more info on return policy, check section 6 of our “Terms and Conditions” on our website, in the section “Consumers’ Contract”.
What can I return and how?
If, for any reason, you are not satisfied of your order, you can ask the refund and you can return it. The product that you return must be in its original conditions, must not being used nor damaged, and must be properly packed, in its original packaging. In order to start a return practice you must contact the TID client service- sending an e-mail to marketing@theinteriordesign.it or to theinteriordesign@legalpec.it , otherwise you can send a registered form to The Interior Design S.s.r.l, Via Pietro Marussig 6, 20154 Milano, in order to obtain the authorization and to keep on with your return. For more info on return policy, check section 6 of our “Terms and Conditions” on our website, in the section “Consumers’ Contract”.
Is there a time limit for return requests?
Yes, once you have received the product you will have 14 days for sending it back inside its original packaging, the product must not being used nor damaged.
How much are the return fees?
The return fees are those for returning to TID one or more products. If you have thought about your order and you want to return one or more items you can do it following our return policy. In this case the returning fees will be on your charge, at the same price of the order. For more info on return policy, check section 6 of our “Terms and Conditions” on our website, in the section “Consumers’ Contract”.
How do the refunds work?
Once received the returned item, TID will send you a confirm e-mail of the return and it will start the refund procedure, so you can get your money back for your returned items within the next 14 days, no matter the payment method you chose.
How do you make an order on TID?
The procedure is very easy. It’s needed a registration on the website, then you just select the products you want adding them to the cart, then you just follow the instructions. It will be asked to fill in with your shipping address and billing information. After you put all of your information it will appear a web page where you can see all the products in the cart and at that point you will choose the payment. Finally you will confirm your order by accepting the terms and selling conditions.
Where can I check the status of my order?
In order to verify the status of your order you can check in the area “my account” and then in the section “orders” where you will see all the items selected in your order. For each order you will receive two e-mails, from us and from the courier, both with the status of your order and all the shipping information.