Tuba Centòmini – sculpture


Tuba Centòmini, by the artist Aleandro Roncarà, is a sculpture available in different colors and realized in epoxy resin and marble powder.
For some years, in addition to painting, Aleandro met the world of sculpture with considerable results. Marble, resin, bronze are modeled to give life to these curious and improbable characters.
Characters who animate Mondorondo (the lovely planet without vocabulary!) and where they live, breathe and are immersed, they are themselves pure color, direct, iconic, simple in the way of fun.

“Mondorondo is a fantastic world where characters of my comics live: Re Blu, Centomini… The inspiration came from a little man of Montecatini, a really tiny man but very smart at the same time, who made money and had a great success with women. So that’s how’s born Centomini, a tiny man with a lot of power, Re Blu’s counselor, father of the princess Piff who changed her name to Dixie. He has many funny traits, he doesn’t have expressions on his face, he doesn’t bear tie but for law he must wear it, he is the best friend of the princess, he knows everything of everybody. I like him a lot, he is small but he’s powerful, he has the wisdom and the intelligence of hundred of men, like the name suggests (cento= hundred , omini= small men)”.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 40 cm

Aleandro Roncarà




New Pop


Epoxy and marble powder


Green, Light Blue


h 36 cm


2 Kg

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Days: 5 Italy, UE 10, Europe Ex UE 20, America 30, Asia and the Middle East 35, Rest of the world 60